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Wheatland, WY
Wheatland, Wy
Platte County Economic Development (PCED) assists businesses in Platte County that sell their products or services in or outside of the Platte County area. We also offer low interest loans for site purchase, building,and/or expansion of an existing facility. We also have smaller low interest loans for purchasing equipment and other supplies needed for new and expanding businesses.

Wyoming offers aggressive business incentives and PCED stays aware of new guidelines that will help your business. PCED continues to offer the opportunity to collaborate and incubate your business. We invite you to come and discuss your business plans with us.

By relocating your business to Platte County, Wyoming, you can take advantage of a growing economy. Successful economic and community development here in Platte County stems from our strong programs, readily available resources, and affordable, comprehensive training.

PCED is working to promote business expansion in the greater Platte County area to build a stronger, more diversified economy, and we provide a full range of site location services and advice on business expansion. Come join our portfolio of success!

An Affordable Cost of Living
Platte County is a very affordable place to live and work, and the quality of life here is excellent. We have no corporate state income tax and no state income tax. While salaries are lower than the national average, so is the cost of living index. As of 2008, our overall cost of living index was 85.

A Skilled Labor Force
Platte County's population is small, but because it offers so much to new families wishing to relocate here, a business or industrial firm wanting to branch out here can work with Wyoming Workforce Services, the nearby community colleges and the University of Wyoming to find a willing and capable workforce in short order.  Training through our local Workforce Services center is very accessible, and there are presently many skilled people in the state of Wyoming and neighboring states who would relocate to Platte County to take advantage of better job opportunities in one of our five communities.

Aggressive Business Incentives
Platte County Economic Development will work with you to find ways for your company to put down roots in Platte County.  We are serious about our commitment to make your business ideas a reality.  We will connect you with state agencies such as the Wyoming Business Council to get the biggest "bang for your buck."  Call us at 307.322.4232 or come in to our office at 1560 Johnston and let us help you with your financing and set the ground work for establishing your business or industry in Platte County today.

Personalized Attention
We feel we have the staff to make things happen for you, and we guarantee you will be greeted with a friendly smile and a sincere commitment to work with you every step of the way as you work through the process of establishing or expanding your business in one of Platte County's five unique and welcoming communities.  We have many success stories to share with you, and it's no accident that our board has adopted the motto, "Helping Business Ideas Become a Reality."  From exploring financial possibilities to site location to utilities hook-ups to finding a contractor, we will gladly help work with you to help you get established in a quick and painless manner.

Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing. The result.
--Vince Lombardi
Wheatland, WY