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Interstate 25 south of Glendo

Platte County is a unique mixture of the Great Plains of the mid-western U.S. and the Rocky Mountains of the West.  The Oregon/California/Mormon Trail crossed through here beginning in the mid-1800's, and those early immigrants became Wyoming's first tourists.  It generally took them a day to travel ten or twelve miles.

Later came the stagecoaches and then the railroads.  The time to reach a destination grew less.  Not until the early 1900's did a system of roads begin to develop here, but travel was still relatively slow.

Today things are much different, and the traveler can easily cross our entire state in a day.  The question is, "Why would you want to?" 

We feel strongly, here in Platte County, that we have a lot to offer tourists, and we think we do it as well as anyone, and we can do it with fewer hassles and less expense for the traveler. 

So take advantage of our genuine hospitality, enjoy our many recreational areas, and relax.

Grayrocks Road West of Wheatland
State Parks

Platte County has the distinction of being the only county in the state of Wyoming that is home to two state parks...Glendo State Park in the northern part of the county, and Guernsey State Park in the northeast. Both provide ample opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities and, in the case of Guernsey State Park, to learn the history of the region as well.

Guernsey and Glendo lakes have become meccas for the summer outdoor crowd. Festivals, competitions, and just relaxing weekends have drawn thousands of faithful followers from many parts of Wyoming as well as Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Both state parks are heavily used during the summer months, so arriving early is a good idea. As in all of Wyoming's state parks, fees for day use and for camping are applicable. These fees are minimal, but they are important to help maintain our parks.

It is essential for guests to become familiar with park rules and regulations, be cognizant of changing weather conditions, stay on designated roads and trails, and do your part to keep our parks clean.

Glendo State Park

Guernsey State Park
Parks & Recreation

Platte County's Parks and Recreation Department offers something for everyone from 4 to 104! Winter, summer, spring, and fall, outdoor, and indoor, young and old! Activities include classes as well as youth and adult sport leagues, basketball and volleyball tournaments, track and field events, Aquafina and MLB Pitch, and hit and run for boys and girls.

You can register for arts and crafts classes, several swimming options, and year round special events too. They also offer senior crafts, holiday crafts, open gym and much, much more.

Seasonal job offerings include positions for certified lifeguards, youth baseball coaches, concession stand workers, program supervisors, referees and umpires. For those of you who enjoy gardening, perhaps the master gardening class offered in the spring is more to your taste.