Wheatland, WY
Wheatland, Wy
Missouri Basin Power Project

Basin Electric Power is one of the largest wholesale electric cooperatives in the United States, generating and transmitting electricity to 126 rural electric systems in nine states. Their focus is especially on charitable giving programs within the state. Basin Electric is committed to reducing emissions and has been a leader in that area for decades. Basin Electric is a leader in wind energy development. Through joint projects and purchase agreements, Basin has developed its own wind projects, as well as contracted to purchase wind energy from other wind farms.

Britz & Company

The founders of Britz & Company have been involved in research, animal care and management, and laboratory animal veterinary care since the late 1950's. The company began doing business in 1991 and has become a leader in the science of laboratory animal care and use. The company currently designs, develops and fabricates a wide variety of animal care and management equipment including Environ-Richment, Animal Housing Systems, their state-of-the art animal caging system.
Britz & Company specializes in high quality animal equipment for animal housing and management in biomedical research, zoos and other related fields. Their lines of animal housing are primarily for larger animal species such as primates, sheep, swine, calves, rabbits, dogs and cats. In the development of all their animal housing the focus is on animal comfort, safety and well-being as well as the safety and convenience of the animal handlers and caregivers.

Wyoming Premium Farms

Wyoming Premium Farms, LLC was established in 1995, and construction on the facilites began in 1996 with the first animals being housed in 1997. That same year their breeding program began and the first litter of pigs were born. In 1998 Wyoming Premium Farms shipped its first animals to market.  A feed mill, located in Guernsey was constructed in 2000 enabling them to produce their uniquely blended feed.

Wyoming Premium Farms located their four facilities away from each other to protect the pigs from transmittable diseases. There are also restrictions for farm visits to the animal barns for the same reasons. The four animal barns, including the nursery, breeding and two finisher sites, are located north and east of Wheatland. The main office is located on U.S. Highway 26 halfway between Wheatland and Guernsey.

Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad operates 2 major lines through Platte County, including a north-south line running the entire length of the county and an east-west line, a major thoroughfare for coal trains running between the Powder River Basin coal fields and the coal power plants of the Midwest. A spur line also connects to the Laramie River Power Station, a 1500 megawatt coal power plant.

In addition, the BN & SF Railroad also operates a major facility at Guernsey employing approximately 200 workers. This facility serves an average of 30 trains per day with a state-of the-art fueling facility.

Camp Guernsey

Camp Guernsey is located adjacent to the town of Guernsey in eastern Platte County on U.S. Highway 26 just 15 miles east of Interstate 25. The Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center is a combination of military, civilian and government agencies encompassing 63,775 acres.

Camp Guernsey includes new and updated facilities, training ranges, and a qualified staff. Presently more than 130 qualified personnel work full time on the base and coordinate programs for thousands of customers a year with their Regional Training Institute, 213th Regiment, Department of Defense Joint Robotics Program, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Headquarters of the U.S. Space Command and 20th Air Force. Camp Guernsey also includes a 5,500 foot paved runway handling aircraft up to C-130 sized aircraft for both day and night operations.

Other Major Employers

Other major employers include Platte County School District #1, Platte County School District #2, Platte County Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home and county and municipal governments. Information on these employers can be found elsewhere on our website.
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