Wheatland, WY
Wheatland, Wy

On January 1, 2009 the Wheatland Area Development Corporation (WADCO) became the Platte County Economic Development Corporation (PCED). This change in our name reflected a change in our focus to include all of Platte County. Although the name has changed, our mission and goals remain the same--to help local businesses grow and prosper, and to bring new businesses to our area.

WADCO incorporated with the State of Wyoming in February 1991. The initial founders of the organization were Judith Eastman, Mike Daly, Donna Davis, Bryan Sharratt, Leo Urbanek, Gregor Goertz and Bill Parsons. Twenty years later, the organization remains active with the local business community and two of the original founders continue to be involved in the daily activities of the organization. Thanks to our founders, staff, and volunteers, WADCO/PCED has become an incubator for local businesses who want to grow and for entrepreneurs who are looking to Platte County as a place that they want to live.  Our name change to Platte County Economic Development reflects our focus on the present and future vitality of our region.

As the lead local organization for economic development, we are charting a course with strong support from the Board of Directors and community leaders to discover and cultivate diverse economic development prospects. By staying apprised of new opportunities through the Wyoming Business Council and other venues, we have added value to our everyday efforts, and we remain focused on making Platte County an outstanding place to live and conduct business.

History, although sometimes made up of the few acts of the great, is more often shaped by the many acts of the small.
--Mark Yost
Wheatland, WY