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Cost of Living in Platte County
One of the many advantages to living in Wyoming is the relatively low cost of living compared to most other states.  Part of the reason that our cost of living is so low is that our taxes are low.  Sales tax in Platte County is at 6% with no tax on groceries. Property taxes have certainly risen as property values have increased in recent years, but they are still a fraction of what you might pay for a house of the same square footage and amenities elsewhere in the country.

According to the State of Wyoming Economic Analysis Division, the Cost of living in Platte County is 83.3 or a whopping 16.7% below the national average.  Breaking that down into categories will give you an idea of how reasonable it really is to live in Platte County.
Food: 98
Housing: 72
Apparel: 87
Transportation: 100
Medical: 102
Recreation and personal care: 98

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average price of a single family home in 2007 was $115,617.  The per capital income was $21,458 in 2006 while the median household income was $47,648.
Of course, housing prices have dropped significantly in the last 18 months making housing quite affordable while income and quality of life have remained stable.  Unemployment in Platte County is presently under 6%, or about 4% below the national average.