Wheatland, WY
Wheatland, Wy
Welcome to Chugwater, Wyoming!  With about 250 residents, Chugwater may appear to be a sleepy little town nestled just off Interstate 25, and in many respects it is a sleepy little town, but in a very positive way.  People here visit across the fence, share meals with one another, and pull together when times are tough.

Recently, though, Chugwater has begun to undergo some changes that may alter the town in major ways.  From the interstate you may not notice the changes.  The large "towers," for example, are the wheat elevators that have graced Chugwater's skyline for decades.  You might also notice the attractive new school.  The people of Chugwater have worked hard to keep their school intact, and, in fact, the school is the center of the community.

Get off the interstate, however, and you begin to see some of the more subtle changes that are beginning to take place here.  Not long ago the town got a facelift when the business loop was redone.  You'll also notice the Chugwater Chili Corporation's world headquarters, the brand new Chugwater Business Building which is already filling up, and the new restaurant located between First Street and the railroad tracks.  Chugwater also has a great Community Center, a bank, a unique public library, and the oldest operating soda fountain in Wyoming. 
Not far from town changes are taking place as well.  Once a center for cattle ranches and wheat farms, new business ventures are springing up all over.  The first commercial vineyard in Platte County has begun operation, cattle ranchers are getting into the "Pure Grass Fed" market, and an organic bakery recently opened as well.  

For years, the folks of Chugwater and Platte County also knew they had another powerful resource...one that wasn't always viewed as an asset...the wind.  With some of the best rated wind in the world, Platte County is now in the spotlight as dozens of wind companies are trying to get a "piece of the action." 

Chugwater is at the center of all this, and it's expected that within five years there will be literally thousands of wind turbines on the prairies east of Chugwater.  These "wind ranches" will be exporting Wyoming's new clean energy to the southwestern United States by 2014 if things go according to plan.
Chugwater Fact Sheet
Information about Chugwater and the surrounding area.
"The great leaders are like the best conductors - they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players."
Blaine Lee
Chugwater, WY